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Stone under wet condition, resistance to freezing and thawing without significant vandals, this performance is called frost resistance. Within the rock pore water in low temperature to below zero centigrade 0, freeze, pore water in expansion is larger than the original volume / 0, if rock can't resist the expansion force of what happened, will appear damage phenomenon. Of stone material compressive strength is the mineral composition, crystal thickness and the uniformity of cementing material, load area, factors such as load effect and cleavage into Angle, and differ somewhat. If all other things being equal, crystal particles usually small and bond with each other the density of the material, with high strength. Above of all, granite & marble is the best choice for the walling.

Exterior Culture Stone Cladding
Exterior Culture Stone Cladding

       Culture stone for wall cladding is packaged by wood pallet, paper carton, and bubble foam.        Usually we use container to sh...

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