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Facing the appearance of wall body, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor metope. Metope is a decorated part of the architectural design. Natural stone wall surface: materials such as granite, marble. Can be polished granite surface such as a mirror, can also be cut cut into coarse and fine granular, strip, convex, or wavy, often used in large public buildings, monuments, interior wall. Marble has a very good adornment effect, but vulnerable to outside corrosion, lose luster, reduce hardness. Granite, marble cut saw more than 20 ~ 30 mm thick, 300 ~ 500 mm square or rectangular plate for use in a face.This kind of wall has good resistance to weathering, pollution and water scour resistance and other advantages, can be used for a variety of building interior and exterior wall.

Exterior Culture Stone Cladding
Exterior Culture Stone Cladding

       Culture stone for wall cladding is packaged by wood pallet, paper carton, and bubble foam.        Usually we use container to sh...

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