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Granite slabs&tiles is a kind of decorative and protective cover of the external and internal floor and wall covering. After polished,It express people Natural ingredients, brilliant bright light, solid durable, noble elegance, Granite is developed from the natural rock mass on the granite: granite, processed and become a kind of plank, its characteristic is high hardness, high voltage, refractory, corrosion resistance, gravity is bigger. Marble is a metamorphic rock, smooth surface. Relative granite, marble color is rich, texture clear, more for high-grade decoration engineering, but the marble hardness is low, easy to fracture.

Polished Granite Marble Stone Furniture
Polished Granite Marble Stone Furniture

        Natural stone is used for the stone table inlays furniture-Slate as well as Travertine are used.         Th...

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Indoor Outdoor Hand Carved Natural
Indoor Outdoor Hand Carved Natural Beauty Sculpture

Indoor Outdoor Hand Carved Natural Beauty Sculpture is quite unique and for western market for their interior and exterior in order to increase the whole beauty feel. It ...

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