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Now mostly adopted on general decorative stone material of two kinds of natural stone and artificial stone as a choice. The selection of granite surface has a lot to be associated with the use of granite occasion. If used in mesa, indoor wall surface decoration, the appropriate choice polishing processing mirror granite plate, this kind of material on the surface of high gloss, good compactness, high resistance to dirty; When used for the stairs, and other public places, the ground outside the appropriate selection litchi noodles, fire to the granite plate, this kind of material surface non-slip performance is good, has the return uncut jade to put in effect on the vision. Marble because of quality of a material and ingredients, generally can only be used for indoor, suitable for indoor metope, ground, windowsill, the part of the TV cabinet. Durable and Beautiful surface make granite and marble the top one choice for construction project.

Road Traffic Granite Kerbstone
Road Traffic Granite Kerbstone

        Kerbstone is used on the road to distinguish the roadway, sidewalks, green space, barrier and to the rest of the road boundary, improving pedestrian, ve...

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High Quality Cheap G654 China
High Quality Cheap G654 China Grey Granite Paver

       High Quality Cheap G654 China Grey Granite is famous used in various place, such as slabs, tiles, statue, and also gravestone etc, originated from China,...

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